Thursday, November 7, 2013

Coder Dojo Update 11/6/2013

The boys welcomed a new student and we continued to work on our python programming. We are learning the programming basics right now. The kids want to program games but they cannot do this without learning the foundations of writing code.

Some will likely become frustrated with the difficulty of learning programming but like most other skills, programming cannot be learned without focused practice over time. I am going to be encouraging them to help each other when they get stuck. Sometimes they rush through the practice then play videos but this is distracting to those still working on their code. Please remind them to not play games or watch videos unless all of the other students are finished with their projects.

If you are interested in helping with coder dojo that would be great. You don't need prior programming experience, you can learn as the kids learn. There are times the kids need one on one help but I am often unable to do that for more than a few minutes.

By the way our local coder dojo is now listed on the official coder dojo listing.

The books we are using are available online, free in pdf form. We eventually will use the pygame book but the kids need to learn some basic programming first. The Pygame book assumes they know the basics. and

We are also going to participate in this during December:

For more information contact:

Denise Tinsley at