Thursday, July 3, 2014

7/2/2014 Coder Dojo Meetup

Build a Very Basic HTML Page

We had more than a full house tonight, about 15 kids not including parents. The topic was building an html page based on a particular topic. The attendees were to select a bird song from the following page and build a basic web page around their bird of choice. Requirements:
  • Create a folder for their source files
  • Find pictures and information regarding their chosen bird.
  • Save the following files the folder (bird song sound file, picture of their chosen bird species)
  • Create a text file and create a basic html page that displayed a heading for the page, some descriptive text, the image of the bird, and a link to the bird's song file.
I gave the kids the requirements then let them figure out how to reach the end result. The goal was to get the kids and parents to work together to find the solutions. It was a little frustrating for the kids until the finally started helping each other. The result was great.

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