Saturday, July 5, 2014

CoderDojo Meetup Plans for 7/9/2014

Coder Dojo 7/9-Topic will be Morse Code and other forms of non-verbal communication

During the last 3 weeks we have worked with sound files. We have created music sound track using Soundation. We worked with sound files from birds. We learned how save sound files and embed theme into web pages. This week we are going to work with interpreting and creating morse code. We will embed javascript into an html page that will interpret and play the morse code we have created.
We will use this page to create the actual MP3 files.

Morse Resource

See example: Online Morse Code Generator.

Morse code began being used in 1830. It is still in use today. History of Morse code

Eventually the plan is to go back to soundation and incorporate the bird sounds and morse code into a music mix-up. The side effect is the kids learn little about history and that programming is another form of language. At Coder Dojo we strive to use conventional tools in unconventional ways. 

Please remind the kids to bring headphones since they will be working with sound files. 

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